Best Food For Weight Loss

Almost majority of the people nowadays are suffering from Obesity.

Obesity is a serious problem as it gives rise to various diseases such as Stroke, Blood pressure, Kidney Failure, Heart attack, etc.

Here are 5 food items to add in your diet which will help in losing weight.


Leafy green vegetables are the best food for weight loss as they have low calorie content and carbohydrates as well as their full of fibre. There are several leafy green vegetables which can be used in our day to day meal such spinach, cabbage, peas, broccoli, etc. Leafy green vegetables are perfect if you are a foodie because they can be eaten in large amount and they do not increase the calories. They are also very nutritious having large amount of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, iron, etc.


If your favourite food is also potato then keep reading. Potatoes and amazing vegetable as they are a source of various nutrients. It contains starch, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins and potassium. Potassium which is one of the rare elements is also found in it. Potatoes firm resistant starch when you leave it to cool down for a while after boiling. This starch is said to be associated with weight loss and has major health benefits. Potatoes help in reducing and suppressing the appetite without making us feel hungry.


The legumes and the beans are the major source of protein, fibre and some resistant starch. Legumes include lentils, Black Beans, kidney beans, etc. Research has shown that legumes help in the loss of weight. They also make us feel full and lower the calorie intake. They should be compulsorily added in our diet on a daily basis.


Food containing a lot of water in them example vegetables and fruits tend to make people eat fewer calories. To add in this list is the soup. Soup is easy to prepare and can be tasty at times. It can be prepared by any of the vegetables such as tomatoes. Soup is a low energy density food. It can be taken in breakfast and snack and is very effective for lowering the weight.


Yoghurt is full of vitamins minerals Vitamin C, vitamin E and Vitamin B. Having yogurt in meal helps in adding good bacteria and in eliminating the bad ones from our stomach. It also increases the process of digestion and boost the immune system. It reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes. They should be strictly taken along with Meal.

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