Top 5 Best Food For Weight Gain | Health Tips

Are the top five foods that will help you to gain the weight in a short period of time.


Nuts and dry fruits are one of the greatest sources of protein, Calorie, fats. They are so calorie dense that you can just add a handful of nuts in your day to day routine to quickly gain the weight. It is not just beneficial for the weight gain but also it has several other health benefits. You can also add them into your diet by adding them into your snacks, smoothies, shakes, etc.


Rice is another convenient and the best source of Carbohydrates. Rice is not just calorie dense food but also is very easy to digest. According to research, 1 cup of cooked rice provides nearly 200 calories, 50 gram Carbohydrate, and some fat. Adding rice in day to day routine will be very beneficial. Also you may add some more source of protein and vegetables to make it delicious and healthy. You will gradually see a gain of weight in the body.


Avocados are another fruit which is loaded with natural fats. It is a great source of calories and hence can be very helpful for increasing the weight. Apart from being a good source of fat, it is also very high in vitamin and minerals. Just one avocado gives around 330 calories, 30 gram fat, and 20 gram fibre. If you are someone who loves eating fruits, try adding avocados in your breakfast and you will see the change in just a few weeks.


Potatoes are the best source of starch and carbohydrates. They are not the food to increase the weight but are also cost effective and easily available. They are considered as the staple food. They do not just increase the carbohydrate and calorie content in your body but also increase the glycogen stored in muscles. They are also added with minerals and vitamins are very essential for the body.


The homemade Protein Shakes are not just nutritious but also very delicious and tasty. You can quickly make a smoothie or a shake using some Milk, bananas, avocados, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. Undoubtedly, it has way more calories and hence will help you increase the weight. The fat, Carbohydrate and protein content of the Shake is high. For additional benefits you can add nuts to add in the vitamins and more fats.

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